What are Some Humane Ways to Kill a Raccoon in a Cage?

We can understand that you might have good reasons for a desire to end Richmond raccoon's life. It might have troubled you for quite some time now, eating your food, making mess around home, destroying stuff in home and around. You maybe can't sleep calmly because Virginia raccoons keep on "partying" all night long, making noise that keeps you awake. Your attic might be a terrible mess because raccoon has established a home there. There are different methods to kill trapped raccoon.

Whichever you choose in the end, we want to make sure that you don't attempt poisoning because it is inhumane and will cause several negative consequences: Richmond raccoon will die in your home and decompose there, causing terrible smell. In most of the cases, Virginia raccoon you poison is a mother, so her babies are somewhere in your home (attic, most likely) as well, and they will starve to death.

First you will be hearing their hunger cries all the time and then when they die of hunger they will also start decomposing, causing even more terrible smell in your home. We are sure that you don't want to experience t his. What are methods people use to kill a Richmond raccoon?

You can choose one of the following methods:
• shooting
• killing with a knife
• lethal injection
• CO2 chamber
• lethal grip traps
• drowning

Out of the named methods, please don't do drowning. It might seem as the easiest solution-taking the caged Richmond animal and throwing it in the river or lake together with the cage that will keep it under the surface and drown. But please don't do it. It is inhumane just as poisoning the animal. We don't approve lethal grip traps either. They are illegal in most of the states, they require proper license because they are dangerous for user as well, if not used properly-and in lots of cases they might not kill Virginia animals right away, causing it lots of pain and long, painful death.

If you own a gun or a rifle and have a license for it, you might try to shoot a Richmond raccoon with it. We say "might" because you will definitely kill it in the end, but it will probably take few bullets to complete the mission. Along the way you might just hurt the Virginia animal and cause it pain and suffering. When it comes to knife or sword, again, this requires knowledge, experience and swiftness. If you feel up to task then give it a try, but we are not very optimistic about the final outcome. CO2 chamber is the most humane option of them all when it comes to killing a Virginia raccoon. If you are adamant about ending animal's life, then this is the most humane solution for it.

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